The new arrival

Gungun with the first print copy
The box full of lies?
Gungun insisted on getting the copy signed.
I also get to pose.

PC: Sharmi

I had started working on the project in September, 2019, soon after the news of the apprehension of one Anthony Gignac (Sean Brignac in the book) by the FBI came in. After the success of ‘They Go to Sleep’ on online platforms that could not be replicated at physical bookstores due to lack of distribution channels, I was determined to go with a traditional publisher this time around. It implied a longer waiting period for the publication, and so I had my sight on 2022 as the tentative deadline. On the western front, Mr. Gignac, as always, turned out to be a tough nut when the case went to the Courts and the final judgment came as late as in March this year. One thing I was certain of by then. The book had become a saga of human emotions rather than being a con story I aspired to write.

Then the pandemic had delivered its mighty blow. After battling it out for a fortnight, Dad started showing symptoms of giving up. The end came on May 8. For a couple of months, time stood still. I had to break out of the self-imposed circle of despair. With the epilogue written, it was time to have a look at the shortlist of publishers that I was to approach. Mr Guntur Srinivas Sharma, Head-Publications, Invincible Publishers was the fastest to evince interest. The feedback on the synopsis and sample chapters came within a week from their editors. They were good to take me on board, I was told. Three rounds of editing followed the August signing of agreement. During the Puja holidays spent in the south, the cover ideas were getting sent and back. From ‘The Sheikh who Never Was’, through the more on the face ‘The Prince of Fraud’, emerged the final title in ‘A Language of Lies’. The marketing team by then had started asking for the date to commence pre-orders. Could that be scheduled for November 1, what would have been the 78th birthday of Dad, I asked. The affirmation was positive.

The deluge of photos of the book-mails received from friends, and colleagues gave rise to another issue at home. Gungun was perturbed that she did not get her hands on the first copy ever. Yesterday when the box was opened, despite that drawback , she however had agreed to the photo op. Now I can freely wish to see loads of those photos and videos.

Enjoy reading ‘A Language of Lies’ and please upload your reviews. Will tell in the reason behind this request in the upcoming blog.

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