The 3-Card Brag

When a headless and limbless human torso is recovered from the backyard of a South Kolkata house, Police Detective Sutanu Deb meticulously gathers shreds of evidence revealing the inglorious past of the victim and the perpetrators. ‘Teen Patti’ is a story about lust, greed, pride, and unrequited love. 

A colonial bungalow at the heart of Bangalore had earned the reputation of a haunted house. An enthusiastic group of Ghostbusters ventures into the house at midnight and puts the rumours to rest. ‘The Tune’ is a chronicle of the misadventure that unsettled the dust on a long-buried past with consequences no one had bargained for.

Like his first collection of short stories ‘They Go to Sleep,’ Saugata ends this book with a romantic short ‘An Affair to Forget.’ Only this time the central characters are teenagers and the setup a little less amusing. 

A winning deal of three cards from Saugata’s pack of stories, ‘Teen Patti: The Three-card Brag’ will certainly keep you hooked till the very end.

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