Bloggers’ Adda: ‘They Go to Sleep’

You can buy ‘They Go to Sleep’ at:

Before that, you may like to see what the leading book bloggers of India have to say about the book. This post will highlight such independent blogs with brutal honesty.

  1. The following excerpt is from the review by Ritu Maheshwari. Please don’t go by her Amazon reviewer rank (679) alone. A look at her profile will tell you that she does not mince her words even for books by celebrities. Read the complete review that talks in length about pros and cons of the book at:

“The stories are not theme based hence each one is unique and
independent in itself. In this way the author manages to avoid
monotonous voice in the collection.

Endings are unpredictable. So you have to read till the end when you
start one. The climax of The Short Lives of Shazia Sultana was completely out of the box. It took me by surprise.

The stories are not an easy breezy read. It is a short book of only
100 pages or so, but it took me five days to complete it. The stories
are not soul searching or heavy read that you have to take breaks
every now and then. Somehow the writing style of the author, too many characters, sub stories, multiple plots made it difficult to read the
book in a flow. You have to keep going back as you have lot the track.”

2. From the review by Sheetal Maurya (Amazon reviewer rank #1483), her perception about the book is reproduced below. If you wish to have a synopsis of the book, please read the full review at

“This book runs to 100 pages but this is not a vague read and the readers have to fully concentrate on the story. Each story belongs to a different genre and they give different essence. All the stories are wonderful but it is meant for the serious readers which is a kind of drawback to the book. I just loved the last story of the book ‘What’s in the name?’ and the paranormal story of ‘it was time’. ‘The man of letters’, ‘Aperture’, ‘The short life of Shazia Sultana’ are also an engaging read. The story formation needed to be simple as it would have increased the joy of reading.

In the nutshell, this book is a bit complicated to read, but surely worth to read as the readers find 12 different genre and clever stories in one platter.”

3. Tarundeep Singh, author of three highly acclaimed books, has noted:

” When I started reading the book I was impressed by author’s prowess of conveying the message. I think author’s writing style is tailor-made for thriller stories. He keeps his readers guessing and twists in stories are good. If you miss one line, you may miss the twist so you have to remain focused. “

Read the full review at:

4. Rakhi Jayashankar, leading book blogger and Amazon Reviewer Rank #266 has termed ‘They Go to Sleep’ as a ‘Literary Delight’. She writes:
“The style of narration is something that needs special mention. Author’s capability to play with words is impeccable.”

Read her well measured review at:

5. Ankita Singh (Anky’s Book Bubble), a teenage poet and book blogger from Aurangabad, Maharashtra, however, have found the ” writing to be too formal for a narrative fiction in some places, which made that particular story drag on.” As a result, some stories could not hold her interest for longer than a couple of minutes. Ankita’s Goodreads review of the book can be accessed at:

6. Alice Singh aka Sputnik, a medical student currently based in Meerut, on the other hand, found the book to be lovable. Her verdict: ” Overall, I would strongly recommend this book to all who want to read something different while rejuvenating the gears of your brain”.

Link to the full review:

7. Dr. Aishwarya Rathor alias Dr. Snob from Raipur, Chhatisgarh opines that ” The author has written the plots Creatively and not a single story is boring.” Her blog hosts a brief review here:

8. The other doctor, Dr. Ruchi Patel from Mumbai felt that the book isn’t filled with same concept of monotonous stories. Her glowing review for the book can be found at:

9. Grishma Nivane (Amazon Reviewer Rank 238) from Nagpur wrote the most elaborate review so far. That is some effort. I am not trying to highlight a part of the review that requires a full reading. Here it is:

10. Swapna Peri from Hyderabad finds the use of difficult vocabulary a put off. In her blog, she however, has recommended the book for abstract book lovers.

11. Ritika Chhabra, a student of English Literature, found the book to be a decent read which she had thoroughly enjoyed. By a “nice” read she meant that none of the stories was uninteresting in any sense. One can read her full review at:

12. Diti Shah, a foodie, traveler, and a bibliophile from Ahmedabad, has felt that each of the stories in the book has the ability to be a own standalone story or quite a long story that will take a few hours to finish and compiling those in a few pages is a task superbly done. She is quite effusive in praising the book in her blog post. Here is the link:

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